Corporate & Advisory Board Placements

Corporate & Advisory Board Placements

For many professionals, serving on a nonprofit board, or the board of directors of a corporation, is the mark of the culmination of a successful career. Being selected for one of these elite positions sends a clear message that your experience and skills are highly regarded and valued. Even more importantly, it provides a strong sense of accomplishment and a new organization upon which you can leave your mark and make a real difference.

Board placements are one of Employing Network’s most important and essential areas of service and outreach. Our clients rely upon us to provide them with access to top-tier executive talent that can join their Board of Directors and provide a powerful voice of guidance. If you are interested in serving on the board of either a non-profit or for profit organization, Employing Network can provide you with both guidance and the connections you need to make that goal a reality.

At Employing Network, we have earned a reputation as the go-to resource for companies looking for high quality leadership, and over the years that role has expanded beyond the C-suite to include governance responsibilities. From start-ups to some of the most recognized names in industry, our clients value the time and meticulous attention to detail we invest in understanding both their needs and the skills of each of our members. It is the depth of our network and our ability to match specific organizations with talent and expertise that makes the difference for our Fortune 1000 clients, as well as for our community of leaders.

Those who need more information on being selected for a prestigious, rewarding Board of Directors position can rely upon Employing Network to provide all of the answers that they need. We provide a thorough and comprehensive process that makes sure that you are matched to the appropriate position and fully prepared for every step of the search process.

If you’d like help identifying available board positions and determining whether they are a good match for your unique talents and abilities, contact Employing Network today.

Our Board Practice

Anybody who has served in an organization’s leadership knows that advisory boards serve far different purpose than the company’s executives. The advisory boards have a duty to provide oversight, governance and guidance with the specific purpose of ensuring success, and as such the members of these boards are hand-picked in order to meet the unique needs of the organization. At Employing Network, we pride ourselves on carefully studying the needs of organizations seeking these leaders and matching them with highly-skilled professionals that will be collaborative and able to provide constructive criticism. Our accomplishments and record of success in this area are derived from the deep level of knowledge found in our Board Practice division. The professional staff that serves in this area specializes in advisory boards. They are laser-focused on analyzing the needs of each particular organization that seeks our assistance, then carefully assessing each potential candidate that has been identified to filter out all but those who are best suited. It is our commitment to providing your organization with candidates who are the “cream of the crop” that drives us, and has led to our remarkable record of success and client satisfaction.

Leadership Advisory Consulting

Many organizations seek Employing Network’s guidance and experience through the process of formulating their advisory board, as well as in reviewing and defining the organization’s mission, goals, and conduct guidelines. A board of directors is not a unit that arises organically: careful definition of its focus, who it will be directing and on what issues must be defined, and it takes experience and a thorough understanding of the company’s goals to achieve that goal. At Employing Network we understand the need to address both present-day needs and those that will arise in the future, and we know that requires attention to details large and small to ensure that the board is formulated with the proper number of board members; the type of experience the board members need to have; the appropriate number of meetings scheduled throughout the course of the year; the compensation of the board; and the relationship between the board and the rest of the organization that it serves. It is only when each of these issues is properly and carefully addressed that an organization can move forward with full confidence and its advisory board. Employing Network’s leadership advisory consulting service is dedicated to providing this level of confidence to your organization.



Board Membership Search

Your organization’s board of directors is an integral part of your ability to move forward and achieve your goals. When a position opens up for a new member, you need to ensure that the professional you select is a good fit from the perspective of talent, experience, knowledge and personality so that you can proceed forward seamlessly and continue on your important mission. At Employing Network, we have unparalleled experience and understanding of the challenges involved with finding the right person. Our dedicated staff of board practice professionals have developed a remarkable ability to assess the unique values and culture of your organization and then identify leadership talent that matches your corporate culture. Additionally, we are able to do this within the specific parameters of any internal requirements your organization may have. When you add our remarkable network of professionals to our professionalism and competence, it comes as no surprise that we have achieved the level of success that we have. If you’d like our assistance in identifying the leadership that your organization is looking for, contact us today.