Executive Candidates

Employing Network was Designed with You in Mind

At Employing Network, we understand and appreciate the executive journey. We know that becoming a successful leader required natural talent and relentless drive. We respect the years that you’ve invested and the accomplishments you’ve achieved. We want to help you make the most of what you’ve already done and fulfill your dreams for the future, whatever they may be.

For some that means identifying a new environment, or testing their skills amidst the challenges of an entirely different industry or as a member of a board of directors. For others it means providing guidance or seeking mentoring from peers.

Employing Network’s business network is there to meet any and all of those needs – and many more. We see ourselves as a collaborator and fellow traveler on your journey to whatever’s next. Our members-only network and high quality services are designed to provide you with comprehensive career benefits, offering you access to unpublished opportunities, advice from leaders and leadership professionals, and the tools you need to bring both together in a way that shines a light on your talents and experience.

Word-of-Mouth at a Whole New Level

We all know the power of a personal conversation and the potential of an introduction. That is just one of the strengths of our exclusive network: as a member you’ll immediately have access to peers and professionals who understand the world of top-tier leadership and who are there to help you in your endeavors. From providing an open-minded sounding board for a new idea to offering insights about a particular position or role, the Employing Network community’s shared interest in advancement of quality professionals means that you’ll have an unparalleled advantage.



Discover Opportunities Otherwise Unknown

When Fortune 500 companies and start-ups make the decision to initiate a search for top-tier leadership, they rarely make that information public. Instead, they begin by looking at internal candidates while reaching out quietly to find potential outsiders who meet their needs. These unpublished searches are the rule rather than the exception, and that means that highly-qualified executive candidates need a way to ensure that they’re aware when these prized opportunities arise. Employing Network delivers that information on a constant basis through our exclusive network and our members’ insider knowledge. Once you’ve joined our ranks, your knowledge base expands to include what out other members know.

Expanding Your Reach

Think about the limitations that are frustrating your path to the future. Is it the narrow scope of your industry? The lack of information about available leadership opportunities? A lack of insight about how to improve your career portfolio or how to best apply your talents? When you become a member of Employing Network, you immediately expand your circle of advisors, as well as your exposure to those who have the most interest in your talents. Our community includes over 50,000 executives working for global corporate leaders and exciting new start-ups, as well as Human Resources professionals representing over 74,000 companies and 3,000 of the world’s most respected executive recruiters. Add to that our own staff of experienced career searches. Joining our exclusive ranks is a way to catapult your career, while also adding the benefit of your own strengths, knowledge and experience to our ability to expand growth to peers and colleagues.


Unlock Your Potential

There’s no doubt that you’ve already achieved more than most people can dream of accomplishing in a lifetime, but that doesn’t mean that you’re done. By joining Employing Network, you give yourself the opportunity to go even further, unlocking your potential to advance farther while at the same time giving yourself the ability to guide others. Our membership is a true win-win dynamic in which you are able to help others learn and grow while at the same time gaining valuable information, access and guidance from professionals you can respect and trust.

Become a Part of Employing Network Today

Joining Employing Network is an immediate step into your future. As soon as you establish your community profile and upload your resume you will begin to see the power of our network, as business leaders, recruiters and like-minded professionals make themselves available to offer you whatever you may need. You’ll have instant access to information that others can only dream about, including highly-compensated leadership opportunities, board of director positions in nonprofit and corporate organizations, opportunities for investment, and even consulting roles for which your talents are well suited.