Executive Search

Finding the talent that your organization needs can be a daunting process. The pace of an executive search can feel endless, in part because your needs are so great. When the quality of candidates being presented is also disappointing, it is easy to get frustrated. At Employing Network, we offer a better way.

Taking a fresh approach to finding talent

Traditional executive search firms dedicate a single recruiter to a specific search, hoping that in doing so that person’s laser focus will result in the delivery of high-quality talent to meet the client’s needs. Though this approach is usually successful in the long run, it can eat up a lot of valuable time for the client organization, and is by its very nature limits the number of candidates that can be identified, approached, screened and submitted for consideration.

Instead of using this old-school methodology, Employing Network’s professionals leverage the power of many, calling on our global network of experienced executive recruiters to collectively apply themselves to the search. By doing so, we not only provide our clients with nearly limitless exposure, but also create a sense of urgency driven by thousands of recruiters competing against one another to find the perfect candidate.

How We Approach Search

When Employing Network is assigned a new client search, it immediately sets off a chain of events that has been carefully developed over the years. We begin by selecting one of our in-house campaign directors and assigning them to the project. The immediately begin investigating the client’s corporate culture as well as the specific talent needed. Our search goes well beyond job title and resume, extending to include the client’s mission and values, their working environment and requirements, and the unique attributes of the organization that will make it most attractive to a high quality candidate. Armed with this information our campaign director will prepare an organizational profile and recruitment strategy that is tailored to the client, and upon approval of this strategy will distribute it to the recruitment team responsible for conducting the actual search.


The campaign director continues in the position of point person and representative for the client’s interests, screening potential matches as they are submitted in order to ensure that all candidates meet the approved profile and have the required skills and experience. It is only once this second level of screening has been met that we begin checking references and performing other due diligence asks in order to ensure suitability. It is one of our goals to ensure that our clients’ time is not wasted, as well as that no unpleasant or disruptive surprises or unknowns arise. During this screening process we provide constant updates so that clients can be assured of the diligence and effort being exercised on their behalf.


Our Advantage

As a result of our many years of experience in the recruiting industry, we have been able to develop a tried and true selection process that we have applied to all areas of our organization. This means that the same diligence that we use in screening executive talent for submission to clients has been used in the selection of the 3,000 executive recruiters that have been allowed to join our exclusive search network. They are the best and the brightest in recruiting – highly motivated professionals with an intuitive sense for what makes a good match and a keen sense of competition. We offer them the opportunity to help clients that they wouldn’t have otherwise known about, giving them a chance to shine at what they do best. The end result is that Employing Network’s clients have a veritable army of executive recruiters working to find them the perfect candidate.

Rely on Our Professionalism and Expertise

Executive search is more than just a job name or skillset. It is a talent and intuitive sense that develops over years of hard work and hundreds if not thousands of successful searches. At Employing Network we have learned from every victory as well as every disappointment, using our experience to continue to improve our process and learn what will provide our clients with the greatest level of satisfaction. What we’ve learned is that clients expect us to be discreet, predictable, efficient, and highly communicative. They need us to value their time and listen intently to their needs. That is what we strive to deliver at every step of the process, from arranging in-person interviews to preparing a compensation package and facilitating transition and onboarding. We are with you from start to finish, ensuring that you are completely satisfied.

In addition to our own efforts, we also invite you to access the member profiles of our exclusive network of executive candidates. As is true of all other aspects of our organization, we have instituted a high bar for entry, only providing admission to proven leaders seeking the opportunity to network with and mentor other similarly-talented individuals.


Our Services

Employing Network offers our clients a wide array of services designed to meet every search and placement need. These include:


Contained Search, in which a retainer fee is charged to identify appropriate candidates for specific positions. After candidates are identified, selected and hired, a fee is charged for the balance of the cost of services.


Retained Search, in which we work to match your identify goals and corporate values and then match them to leadership professionals whose assessed personal and emotional values match your organizational needs and required skillset. and Contingency Search as well as contract placement services for those organizations in need of help transitioning employees back into the job market or other positions. Our services are designed to be cost effective and efficient


Contingency Search, designed to help fill junior-level positions. These searches are less intensive and payment is based upon successful matching of needs, with fees based upon the candidate’s salary.

Outplacement Services are provided for organizations faced with reorganization or downsizing. It is our goal to provide you with the tools you need to transition employees in a way that is sensitive, effective, and valuable to both your organization and the individuals who are being impacted.