Employing Network’s innovative platform was designed to meet the needs of our entire community. Though that may sound obvious, getting there was anything but easy.

If you’re going to provide a comprehensive experience for a group of users as diverse as ours, you have to fully understand what each of them wants. That means taking a deep dive into all of the various ways that each stakeholder might possible use the platform, then making sure that we provided all of those functions in a site that was intuitive to use. No detail could be neglected and no question left unaddressed. We gave equal weight and attention to the needs of those seeking a new member for their nonprofit board to those of a C-suite executive trying to offer mentoring services to up-and-comers.

We’re proud of what we’ve
achieved, as the end result
has far exceed our hopes
as well as the expectations
of our members
and clients.

We’re highly selective

The top level talent that makes up our membership are busy people whose time is too valuable to waste. That’s why Employing Network’s platform has specific strict requirements for all positions posted, starting with an absolute minimum salary of $100,000. That minimum is in place for both opportunities listed on the site and for any overtures directed to members who open their profile for view.

Curated job openings

When you combine this invaluable threshold with our client base of Fortune 500 companies and the country’s elite executive recruiters, our members can always feel confident that any outreach they receive will be worthy of their experience and talent.

Access to confidential opportunities you won’t find elsewhere

Think about the recruitment process within your own organization. The more desirable the position, the less likely it is that it will be publicized or advertised: instead, highly reputable executive recruiters are brought in to conduct an exhaustive, comprehensive talent search.

Resume and Coaching

The same is true for the companies for whom you’d like to work. In most cases, you’re not going to hear about the positions you’re most interested in without the benefit of an insider, and that’s one of the biggest benefits that Employing Network provides. Our network of members, clients and executive recruiters collaborate to help one another learn about those unpublicized positions, providing the key to unlock the door to opportunity.

Being a member of a corporate or nonprofit advisory board is often the culmination of a highly successful career.

It provides experienced leaders with the opportunity to apply their experience and knowledge in a new and meaningful way, and Employing Network provides a unique and effective vehicle for talent and organizations to come together.

Executive Search Practice

Our unique platform is an invaluable communication tool that connects organizations in need of a guiding hand with leadership that can help them to shape their success.

Our members are the cream of the crop.

Just as we promise our members that we’ll never waste their time or offer positions below their talent, Employing Network makes the same promise to our clients about the talent we provide. That means that each of the thousands of applications we receive is subject to a rigorous screening process that assesses their experience and talent for suitability in our community. Our membership criteria is stringent, and ensures that our Fortune 500 clients and elite executive recruiters can always have a high level of confidence in the quality of the talent we make available to them.

Approval Process

Our high standards have benefits that go far beyond helping our clients. Once admission to our community is granted, members are guaranteed that they will be in good company and among proven peers and colleagues with a unique ability and interest in facilitating each other’s career advancement.

Unparalleled Connections to a Network of Peers

One of the most popular and rewarding aspects of joining the Employing Network community is the ability to both provide and seek guidance and feedback from other executives. Our platform facilitates unique networking opportunities by providing access to other top tier professionals. Whether you’re interested in brainstorming with other executives in your industry, seeking a new perspective, or want to provide guidance to a new generation of leaders, when executives join Employing Network’s leadership community they enter a world where they are certain of the high caliber of those with whom they will be in contact.

Mentorship Network

Our All Access members have the opportunity to connect with a remarkable pool of supportive and collegial leaders who are eager to dialogue and provide support.

Knowledgeable, Professional Career Guides

Employing Network is a resource designed to help you accomplish your professional goals. We work hard to provide you with all of the tools you need at this stage in your career.

Dedicated Advisors

For some that may involve assistance in updating a resume, while for others we may be most helpful in providing strategies for negotiating raises, salaries or benefits. At Employing Network, your career advancement is our top priority.

Your privacy is our priority. You’re in charge of your own accessibility.

One of the most frequently voiced concerns that we heard while developing our site concerned privacy and access, and we understand. Whatever your reason for joining our community, who you speak with and who your profile can be seen by are entirely up to you.

Feeling secure in the confidentiality of your profile is important to you, so it’s important to us. The only person who controls your visibility is you. All choices are in your hands.

Our experience and technology are here for your benefit

Employing Network’s goal is to make sure that you have what you need to help you succeed and grow in your own professional journey. We are constantly developing new tools and resources to allow us to further that mission and provide you with greater levels of success.